Mold Inspections

When To Get A Mold Inspection?

  • Visible Mold Growth
  • Feeling Sick
  • Buying A Home
  • Recent Water Damage
  • Strange or Moldy Smell
  • Having A Baby
  • Peace of Mind mold testing

Your Mold Inspection InCludes

A Detailed Inspection By The highest Rated Company In Oklahoma

We take pride in our inspections, and we guarantee if there is mold in your home or commercial property we will find it or your money back! 

Mold Inspection Report With Pictures And Explanations

We leave nothing to the imagination and document all evidence of mold with detailed pictures, explanations, and recommendations to make sure your family stays safe from harmful mold! 

2 Air/Mold Tests

We locate the best location to test your home's air for mold based on the results of a visual inspection. Usually we can pinpoint the source and give you practical recommendations to remediate any mold that is discovered through testing. 

We use Thermal Imaging to find Hidden mold Areas

Our Mold Inspectors Are Well Qualified!


We Guarantee Our Mold Inspections

Our Mold Inspections Come With A 90 Day Warranty!

  • Valid 90 Days From The Day Of The Inspection
  • $2,000 In Aggregate Repairs
  • Covers Visible Mold Not Found Or Seen By The Inspector During The Home or Mold Inspection




$225 - Inspection Reports, 2 Air/Mold Tests (1 control, 1 inside)


$325  Inspection Reports, 2 Air/Mold Tests (1 control, 1 inside)

Big Commercial

$500  Inspection Reports, 3 Air/Mold Tests (2 control, 1 inside)