"If We Miss It, We Fix It"

Our guarantee to you means that in the unlikely event that a minor repair is needed for something that should have been discovered within the scope of a home inspection*, we will have the item repaired at no charge to you. This is not a home warranty covering an item that may fail in the future, rather it covers defects that were present at the time of inspection and should have been noted.

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  • Valid 90 Days From The Day Of The Inspection
  • $2,000 In Aggregate Repairs
  • Covers Visible Mold Not Found Or Seen By The Inspector During The Home Inspection


  • Valid For 5 Years From The Day Of The Inspection
  • $3,000 In Repairs
  • Repairs New Roof Leaks Found After The Home Inspection. Proof Or Prior Defect Repairs Required


  • Coverage for any structural issues found after you move in for up to 1 Yea.
  • Coverage Up $13,500
  • Covers foundation, roof structure, and more!
  • No age limit on home.


  • Valid 90 Days From The Day Of The Inspection
  • $500 In Repairs
  • Covers Mechanical Failures Within 90 Days Of The Home Inspection
    (HVAC, Microwave, Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer, etc.)


  • Valid 90 Days From The Day Of Inspection
  • 12 Month Coverage With Purchase Of Sewer Scope Inspection
  • Covers Sewer And Supply Piping From Street Connection To Front Of The Home
  • $4,000 In Aggregate Repairs 


  • Valid 90 Days From The Day Of The Termite Inspection
  • $1,500 Of Termite Treatment
  • Covers Against Any New Termite Infestation Within 90 Days Of The Termite Inspection

We Are Licensed, Insured & InterNACHI Certified


Featured Inspection Services

Complete Home Inspections

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, it is imperative that you have a professional home inspection. A home inspection covers every aspect of a property’s condition and can alert you of existing or potential problems

Termite Inspections

A WDO/Termite Inspection looks for evidence of wood destroying organisms like termites, ants, and other pests. Termite infestation is very common in Oklahoma.

Sewer Scope Inspections

Sewer Scope Inspections should be done on all homes. It is recommended on homes built before 1980. With this type of inspection, we are able to detect damaged pipes, signs of extreme corrosion, blockages and more

Swimming Pool Inspection

A swimming pool can be an attractive asset to any home and lure the potential home buyer into a purchase. Pools can be costly to repair, so if you are thinking of buying a property with a pool, we can inspect it for you

Mold Inspections

While mold is very common here in Oklahoma, many times it’s not a problem. The real issue isn’t whether there is mold or not, but what kind of mold. The lab tests the mold under a microscope and writes a report about it’s findings. It is recommended that the mold is tested in order to find out the type of mold so you know what to do and how to handle it.

Commercial Inspections

Buying a commercial property? A thorough commercial property inspection is an essential step to make. A commercial property inspection inspects the entire home for any minor problems.

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Free 1 Year Structural Warranty With Your Home Inspection